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WhatsApp Service During Outbreak

During the COVID-19 Outbreak we are offering a WhatsApp service to our patients between 8am and 8pm. No Whatsapp service will be answered after 8pm at night. Please send a WhatsApp to 0837995728 to find out more information.

If, for any reason, your messages or phone calls are not answered in a reasonable period of time, it is likely that the Paediatrician on call is busy with a patient. If you cannot wait or are concerned, please take your child to Casualty.

We will do our best to answer all communications.

Consultations and WhatsApp (8am-8pm)

Simple issues will be dealt with via WhatsApp text messages. If the Paediatrician feels it is necessary to have a video consult this will be communicated and an appropriate time will be set up when the video consult will be undertaken.

Video Consultation

This will be handled as an official consultation, clinical notes will be made and your medical aid will be billed. You will be responsible for the payment of this fee should your medical aid not cover the consult. The cost of the video consult will be R400. Please send us a picture of your medical aid card if you want to have a video consultation.


In the event that a Face-to-face consultation is required at the hospital, the Paediatrician will communicate the procedure to you. We have an isolation room available if required.

We thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. As the current situation is rapidly changing, please note that these terms may change at any point. The changes will be communicated via this automated reply.

Kind regards

Drs Strachan, Baxter and Platten

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